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Posture Sundays * Fall 2014

with Kathleen Porter, author of “Natural Posture for Pain-Free Living: The Practice of Mindful Alignment”


  • Overcome chronic stiffness and pain

  • Improve your posture at any age

  • Learn how to sit, stand, bend, walk, lift, carry–even sleep– with greater comfort and ease. 


Online registration is available at the bottom of this page. Early registration is encouraged. 


Time: Sundays from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Location: Harmony Yoga, 2108 NE 41st Ave, Portland [MAP]
Cost: $55 per session or $195  in advance



Real Core Abs Alignment Workshop in Portland Oregon

Class #1:  Will the Real Core Abs Please Stand Up?

September 14, 2014
Find the authentic core for stabilization of the spine in everything you do. This class will also focus on sitting on a solid foundation.


Meet Your Feet - Alignment Workshop in Portland OregonClass #2:  Meet Your Feet

September 21, 2014
Misalignment of the feet contributes to many foot problems as well as lack of support for weight-bearing joints–the ankles, knees & hips. This session also focuses on bending.


Back Ease Basics Workshop in Portland OregonClass #3:  Back Ease Basics

September 28, 2014
Learn to protect your back and ease strain by relying on an aligned framework and a solid core. Focus of this class will be on standing, walking, carrying, resting and sleeping with ease.


Shoulder and Neck Alignment Workshop in Portland OregonClass #4:  Comfy Shoulders, Happy Neck

October 5, 2014
Having established an aligned foundation from the ground up, the shoulders and neck can now release chronic tension and pain. Learn what’s involved in offsetting kyphosis and getting your head on straight! You’ll now have a full set of tools for regaining relaxed, solid natural posture.


Classes must be taken in the order they are offered unless by prior arrangement. Please contact if you have questions about this. Classes can be paid in full, or per session.

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